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Athlete Feature

Name:  Piranha Aquatics (PA)


The Athlete’s Committee would like to recognize Piranha Aquatics for their achievements! The athletes, parents, and coaches were able to have them recognized as a safe sport team. Congrats, Piranha Aquatics!!





The three BOD Athlete Reps



Senior Athlete Representative:  Zach Toothman (CSI)            
Junior Athlete Representative: Mia Nagle (FAST)
Athlete At-Large: Megan Maholic (PWRS)



What is the LESI Executive Athlete Committee (AEC)?


The AEC Athlete Reps- Sydney Bare (LESD), Tori Culotta (LESD), Nathan Phillips (CSI), Abbey Kutchel (SWIM)


Athlete AEC Minutes - 6/21/20






What is the Athletes Committee? 

Athlete Committee Minutes (5/3/20 4/19/20,4/10/20 3/20  2/20  1/20  10/19  9/19)

LESI Athlete Club Reps 

AKRN - none

AAC - Chase Aruskevicivs

BBSC - none

BBA - Cate Engles

CCS - Payton Timken

CCST - Ashtyn Rickel

CEA - Carter Faulkner

CFYN - Evie Lewis

CLES - None

CWW - John Edurese

CSI - Nathan Phillips

FAST - Mia Nagle

GLSS - Grace Yuhas

GO - Stella Parrish

HEAT - McKenzie DeWitt

KS - Dominic Panozzo

LCWE - none

LESD - Sydney Bare

LRST - Gianna Miller

LSSC - Maddy Kelly

GYB - Olivia Elgin

MAC - Carter Black

MBS - Veronica Fowler

MRST - Madeline Draiss

PAC - Baylee Becherer

PS - River Flatley

PPC - Zoey Barr

PA - Maddy Bennett

PWRS - Megan Maholic

RAZR - none

RYD - Rachel Weber

SHSH - Sam Grube

STRS - Alexis DiMatteo

SWIM - Jordyn Homoki

TCAT - Evan Bartel

VFYT - none

VSC - Charlie Clark

WHAT - Sydney Lukco

WEST - Isabella Mcfadden

YWRC - Gracie Chelf

YYN - none




Scholastic All-American Information


2018-2019 LESI Scholastic All- Americans