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Athlete Feature

Name: The Lake Erie Swimmers for the Class of 2020
Accomplishment: The Athlete's Committee would like to recognize all of the seniors for this year for their perseverance, dedication, and success they have put in and out of the pool throughout their careers. Even though this situation isn't ideal for concluding your senior year we want to congratulate you on all of the hard work you put in!






The three BOD Athlete Reps



Senior Athlete Representative:  Zach Toothman (CSI)            
Junior Athlete Representative: Mia Nagle (FAST)
Athlete At-Large: Megan Maholic (PWRS)



What is the LESI Executive Athlete Committee (AEC)?


The AEC Athlete Reps- Sydney Bare (LESD), Tori Culotta (LESD), Nathan Phillips (CSI), Abbey Kutchel (SWIM)






What is the Athletes Committee? 

Athlete Committee Minutes (5/3/20 4/19/20,4/10/20 3/20  2/20  1/20  10/19  9/19)

LESI Athlete Club Reps 

AKRN - none

AAC - Chase Aruskevicivs

BBSC - none

BBA - Cate Engles

CCS - Payton Timken

CCST - Ashtyn Rickel

CEA - Carter Faulkner

CFYN - Evie Lewis

CLES - None

CWW - John Edurese

CSI - Nathan Phillips

FAST - Mia Nagle

GLSS - Grace Yuhas

GO - Stella Parrish

HEAT - McKenzie DeWitt

KS - Dominic Panozzo

LCWE - none

LESD - Sydney Bare

LRST - Gianna Miller

LSSC - Maddy Kelly

GYB - Olivia Elgin

MAC - Carter Black

MBS - Veronica Fowler

MRST - Madeline Draiss

PAC - Baylee Becherer

PS - River Flatley

PPC - Zoey Barr

PA - Maddy Bennett

PWRS - Megan Maholic

RAZR - none

RYD - Rachel Weber

SHSH - Sam Grube

STRS - Alexis DiMatteo

SWIM - Jordyn Homoki

TCAT - Evan Bartel

VFYT - none

VSC - Charlie Clark

WHAT - Sydney Lukco

WEST - Isabella Mcfadden

YWRC - Gracie Chelf

YYN - none




Scholastic All-American Information


2018-2019 LESI Scholastic All- Americans