Safe Sport


Lake Erie supports USA Swimming's Athlete Protection programming as stated below.  This page provides resource links to disseminate informaton and procedures with regard to this program.

"USA Swimming is committed to fostering a fun, healthy and safe environment for all of its members. For that reason, we have in place a detailed Code of Conduct. The following rules, policies, reporting structure, education and tools are intended to serve our members as we work together to maintain this environment."


For questions or concerns, contact USA Swimming Athlete Protection Officer, Susan Woessner. Susan oversees USA Swimming's efforts to foster safe and positive training environments.

Susan Woessner, athlete protection officer




Safe Sport Power Point (9/15)    
Do's and Don'ts of Athlete Protection
 Power Point
Safe Sport Section of USA Swimming  
Pre-Employment Screening (PES)
Program Requirements
 Free Online Abuse Awareness Prevention Training for Parent  
Pre-Employment Screening (PES)
Program Requirements FAQ
For Athletes  
New Information on Athlete Protection Training
(Fall, 2013)
Safe Sport Video on Shallow Water Blackout  
Parents Magazine Tips   
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