Elaine Miller Fund


Lake Erie Policy Section 9:

9.1  The purpose of the Elaine Miller Fund is to provide funds to those LESI swimmers who otherwise would be unable to continue in competitive swimming or to attend  special swimming events.

9.2  The Elaine Miller Committee shall consist of three (3) members appointed by the General Chairman with advice and consent of the Board.  At least two (2) of these members must be members of the    Board.

9.3  Application for aid may be filed by the swimmer or by the swimmer’s club and must be signed by the swimmer’s coach or club official, and by the parent or guardian if the swimmer is under eighteen (18) years of age.

9.4  Applications shall be reviewed and awards determined by the Elaine Miller Committee.

        a)  Awards may be granted for club dues, USA Swimming registration, meet entry fees, expenses associated with special

               swimming events, or for any other necessary purpose.

        b)  A swimmer may receive aid more than once in a single calendar year, but may not receive a total amount greater than $500 per year.

        c)  Awards will be based upon the judgment of the Committee and the avaialbility of funds.  

        d)  Names of swimmers requesting aid shall remain strictly confidential.  


Outreach membership at $5 per year is available to swimmers whose family is the recipient of food stamps, the school Lunch/Breakfast program or the primary breadwinner has been out of work more than six months.  The applicant must show proof or provide a statement to that effect.


Outreach Application